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Make your own itinerary for a Turkey trip!
Even though we have many fixed itineraries after years of experience, we haven't put them on this website for not confusing you. Turkish Heritage Travel is specialized in custom, private and unique tours.

Especially for couples or singles who don't want to travel with other people for many days, tailor-made itineraries are the best. These private tours are not neccessarily expensive, because you will not have the same guide and driver among whole Turkey. We will prepare all your transportation with buses and planes, and you will have different guides in different cities.

So, how does it work?
Very Simple! You will find some of the main places of Turkey with suggestions what to do. Transportation options between places are also listed below. Just pick your favourites and send us an email. We will reply your request in less than 24 hours with price information.


Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey and there are many places to see in Istanbul. Please visit our Istanbul Guide page for places to visit in Istanbul. We suggest to stay at least 2 nights, 3 days in Istanbul. Sultanahmet area is the center of the city for travelers. There are buses to everywhere in Turkey and flights to all working airports of Turkey from Istanbul. Istanbul has hundreds of hotels with rates changing between 50 Euro per person to 500 Euro pp.

How to come? Istanbul has 2 International Airports. The bigger one is Ataturk Airport on the European Side and half-an-hour drive from Sultanahmet. The second airport, Sabiha Gokcen, is located on the Asian side and usually used by budget airlines. It might take upto 2 hours drive from Sultanahmet. For inter-Turkey transportation, Istanbul has buses and flights to/from all cities of Turkey.

Cappadocia is the most visited cultural destionation of Turkey after Istanbul. Please visit our Cappadocia Guide page for places to visit in Istanbul. We suggest to stay at least 2 nights, 3 days in Cappadocia. There are some many places to see and things to do in Cappadocia. Goreme is located in the center of Cappadocia and the best option for travelers. Goreme and other towns of Cappadocia are famous with their special cave hotels which have rooms carved into fairy-chimneys. Hotel rates change between 60 Euro per person to 180 Euro pp.

How to come? There are overnight buses to Goreme from Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and Pamukkale everyday. Many other cities of Turkey has also direct buses to Goreme. There are more than 10 buses between Ankara and Goreme everyday. These buses come to Nevsehir, the province of Cappadocia first, and you will be transfered to Goreme bus station. Nevsehir to Goreme is 15 minutes drive.

Goreme is 1 hour drive from Kayseri International Airport and there are 2 morning, 2 evening and 1 midnight flights between Kayseri and Istanbul everyday. On the high season, there are also flights between Izmir and Kayseri twice a week. Please visit our Flight Tickets page for further information.

Ephesus is the third most important cultural highlight of Turkey. Please visit our Ephesus Tour page for further information about Ephesus. We suggest to stay at least 1 night and 1 day for Ephesus. To visit Ephesus you can stay in Selcuk, Kusadasi or Sirince. The hotel rates in this area change between 40 Euro and 100 Euro pp.

How to come? There are buses from all cities of Turkey to Izmir. Once you come to Izmir there are buses to Selcuk almost at every half an hour.

Ephesus is less than 1 hour drive from Izmir International Airport. There are many flights from Istanbul and Ankara everyday. There are also flights from Antalya on some days.

Pamukkale is known with travertines, SPA Hotels, Hierapolis and Aphrodisias ancient cities. Please visit our Pamukkale Tour page for further information. We suggest to stay at least 1 day in Pamukkale. On some busy itineraries overnight in Pamukkale can be skipped. Hotel rates change between 40 Euro per person to 90 Euro pp.

How to come? There are overnight buses between Cappadocia and Pamukkale, and these two places are usually visited in a row. There are also buses from many cities in Turkey to Denizli. Denizli is less than half-an-hour drive from Pamukkale.

Pamukkale is less than 1 hour drive from Denizli Airport and there are 2 flights between Denizli and Istanbul everyday.

Pamukkale TravertinesNemrut
The best way to visit Nemrut is to take a 2 nights-3 days or 1 night-2 days tour from Cappadocia which includes all services from guiding to accommodation. Please visit our Nemrut Tour page for further information.

Antalya is one of biggest tourism destinations of Turkey and became famous with sea-sun-fun tourism and all-inclusive 5 stars hotels. Please visit our Antalya Tours page for further information. The area has also many small towns with blue-flag shores for swim fans. We suggest to take a 3 nights, 4 days cruise between Olympos and Fethiye. Hotel rates change between 60 Euro per person to 200 Euro pp.

How to come? There are buses from almost all cities of Turkey to/from Antalya.

Antalya International Airport is the second busiest airport of Turkey after Istanbul and there direct flights from many European countries. There are also domestic flights from Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara.

Ankara, Museum of Civilizations of AnatoliaAnkara
Ankara is the capital of Turkey. You can visit Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ataturk's Mausoleum and the old citadel. The city is usually visited for business and legal purposes. Hotel rates change between 50 Euro per person to 100 Euro pp.

How to come? Ankara is the only place that we suggest to use train. There are fast and comfortable trains between Istanbul and Ankara. Just like Istanbul, Ankara has also many buses from all cities of Turkey everyday.

Ankara International Airport is around half-an-hour drive from the centrum and there are many flights from European Countries, Istanbul and some other cities of Turkey.


We prepared this page to give you a basic information for designing a Turkey trip. When you make your decision on an itinerary like:

Sample Itinerary:
2 nights Istanbul, flight to Cappadocia,
3 nights Cappadocia, bus to Antalya,
3 nights cruise from Olympos to Fethiye, bus to Ephesus,
1 night Ephesus, flight to Istanbul,
1 night in Istanbul and flight back home.

send us an email. We will send you a detailed itinerary with tour options, hotel options, bus and flight timetables and rates and then confirm your itinerary.

Don't want to spend time?
If you do not want to spend time for designing your programme, just send us your arrival and departure dates for Turkey and let us offer you different options.

Please click here to send us an email (info@goreme.com)

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